“An eerie and virtuosic debut” (Helen Phillips, author of The Need) about a paranormal investigations TV show that loses control of its subject.

Eve is a frustrated young artist and the owner of what she believes is a haunted house. Sandra is an overworked producer at Searching for . . . the Invisible World, a paranormal investigations show perpetually on the brink of cancelation.
For Eve, Searching for . . . is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for validation; for Sandra, it’s another soul-crushing week of work at a dead-end job. But then the impossible happens: shelves collapse, electronics go haywire, a cameraman disappears in the dead of night. And behind the camera, is  teenage ghost hunter Caitlin finally glimpsing the other side? As the terror mounts, it’s up to Sandra to create order from the madness—or will the madness take her, too?